Cap Averill II and Associates Inc.

About Us

About Us


Cap Averill II and Associates Inc is a respected, rock solid company
with an enduring reputation for having happy clients.

Features valued by our steadfast clients include:
Comprehensive Product Menu
Proprietary Product Comparison Program

Comprehensive Product Menu

Our product menu is wide-ranging. Clients have our undivided loyalty and open access to our expertise.

Proprietary Product Comparison Program

Our proprietary product comparison program is designed to consider all annuities available to us whether we sell them or not.

We're Here For You!

Have questions about a 401K or IRA? Have a decision to make about a rollover? Have questions about financial products you own? Considering purchasing an annuity? Want to know which best-in-class annuities we recommend and why?



Our History

We have served thousands and thousands of clients over nearly sixty years and our reputation is unparalleled.


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a specialty. We focus on helping clients shield their hard-earned savings so they can successfully reach their goals and hopefully enjoy a comfortable retirement.


Single Purpose Planning

We are eager to win you over, not just based on service, but based on watching the bottom line. This is where several generations of planning knowledge will serve you well.

  • I am a happy client and I’m telling your story. I can say now I sleep well at night.

    Steve Lennex
  • Cap puts his money where his advice goes, and I love that.

    Jeff Jantz
  • I need somebody who I can trust, who’s honest and follows through with what they say.

    Mark Knackstead
  • I think it’s one of the better decisions I’ve made in this point of my life, given what the options are out there.

    Clement Dombrowski


Multiple Purpose Planning / Comprehensive Planning

Many of our established clients initially came to us seeking better performance with money they wanted at lower risk. They continued to work with us on more comprehensive planning because of results.


Life Insurance

In addition to advising on retirement savings strategies, we are also well versed in all forms of life insurance products including universal and term life, irrevocable insurance trusts, pension maximization, buy-sell agreements, etc.


Happy Clients

Our clients are happy about their retirement. Click on the pictures to view their story.


Public Service

Mentoring is important to those who share the award-winning credentials we have, so we make giving back a high priority. Some of our public service initiatives include:

  • Providing insights to small business owners.
  • Authoring and producing value-driven financial documentaries which are nationally distributed on Public Television through the National Educational Television Association, and provided to schools and organizations across the country.
  • Supporting special needs organizations and efforts to promote healthful outcomes, educational interventions and goodwill.




The great part about working with us is our fantastic staff. Our staff members have been with us longer than many local firms have been in business. Although retired now, Cap Averill Sr. started the business in 1958.


The Averill name has been in business
for nearly 60 years.


Our team has over 300 years of cumulative experience in the industry.

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Or: Questions we get asked a lot!

When it comes to questions, sometimes you just want an answer right now. That’s the purpose of the FAQ section. Here you’ll find answers to questions the Cap Averill II & Associates staff are routinely asked.

We are an Accredited Business with an A+ rating
We handle each client’s portfolio with the same attention we give to our own family members, regardless of whether the client is just starting out or a multi-millionaire.
Yes. We will review the plan, offer feedback and clarify additional questions.
As often as you wish, at no additional cost. We strongly recommend at least once per year, but many of our clients enjoy quarterly or more frequent visits.
To some extent, by making deposits into tax qualified plans, if eligible, and/or tax deferral. However, you should consult with your CPA or tax advisor regarding tax questions related to your specific situation.
Proper estate planning and proper beneficiary designations are two places to start. However, you should consult with your attorney regarding probate questions related to your specific situation.
Yes, and some products can be set up for more frequent or less frequent payments.

Human Interest

- Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson

Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson

Conklin and Co. with Lee Conklin

Conklin and Co. with Lee Conklin

Mr. Averill co-anchored the Public Television documentary “Wants and Needs” with Gordon Ward. He has been featured as a guest on WTOL’s THE LEADING EDGE with Jerry Anderson, WTVG’s CONKLIN and COMPANY, FOX NEWS and WSPD.

He studied at The University of Toledo, The Ohio State University, and University of California Santa Barbara. He continuously engages in additional educational pursuits and achievements in his field.

He has won international awards for his documentaries and independent films at the Hollywood International High Definition Festival, Paramount Studios Hollywood, International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana Cinefest, and Ozark Mountain Film Festival.

Front cover of Toledo City Paper

Front cover of Toledo City Paper

Where happy clients tell the story.